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The Picture of Gratitude

This is me on our last day at sea on the Emerald Princess – as six weeks of vacation draws to a close – endlessly grateful for so many things.

The luxury of time to break away from the routines of everyday life.

The resources and good health that make it possible to travel the world.

My dear husband, a loving and congenial touring companion.

New places and old haunts that offer joy and beauty at every turn.

The hospitality and skill of those who have served our needs along the way.

Adventures and delights in abundance.

Challenges and disappointments in very small measure.

Fresh images to paint, and new stories to share.

Interesting and engaging work to head back to.

Family and community to anticipate our arrival back home.

Safe passage and safe return.

Life has been and continues to be very, very good to me.

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  1. Corinne & Natascha

    Hey Pat and David,
    We have enjoyed following your travels and yes, safe return to Saskatoon! These days travel is our most secure investment with lasting memories which will never diminish in value. Bonne rentree! Corinne e Natascha.

  2. julie

    BRAVO!!! what a wonderful adventure that you have shared w/us all!

    aloha & bigg huggs
    julie d;)

  3. Linda Epstein

    …And a good tan to boot (hope you have been using your sunscreen 😉


  4. Maryann

    All I can say is I’m jealous … Now I only have to convince my “Dave” to travel! Sounds like a wonderful time and we’ll want ot hear the stories!

  5. Lavonne

    I have so enjoyed your posts over the last 6 weeks as my sister and I travelled along many of the same paths one short year ago. It was a great way to relive the memories and we too came away with so much gratitude for the opportunity.

  6. esr

    What a fantastic holiday Pat! I can hardly wait for your return so I can hear even more…we must do supper when you are in town next.
    It must have been a very successful holiday as you look just like a sea goddess! Ot maybe its a mermaid….but because its a headshot, I can’t tell.

  7. Laura

    Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us. We got to travel along with you from our desks. Thank you for taking the time away from your pause to give us something to pause over. I really enjoyed your updates and am very grateful to you for sharing with all of us.

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