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The Mother of Invention

So, here we were, wandering our way through the Alfama section of Lisbon, Portugal, when we stumbled upon a soccer stadium. There was neither a grandstand, nor a blade of grass nor a net to be seen.

Nope, this soccer pitch was carved out of the middle of nowhere in a place where a maze of narrow up and downhill streets opened to a small plaza.

Little matter that the space was nowhere near flat nor rectangular in shape. In fact, it angled off at a good 30 degrees from one end to the other. A centre line and circle were painted roughly in the middle of the space.

White paint marked the goal at one end of the field – in front of and up and around a doorway.

The other goal was marked at the base of and up a set of steps.

Although the only action this field was seeing on the day of our visit was foot traffic from here to there and back again. My bet is that this field has been the scene of a lot of fun for the neighborhood kids – and all for the price of a unique vision and a spare can of paint.

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  1. Debbie Ratcliffe

    How wonderful that this little piece of invention and imagination and fun has been left in place. Too often such creations are labelled as “graffitti” and scrubbed off and painted over.


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