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Spring Sproinging In Saskatchewan

It may be slow – but it certainly is sure!

Spring is slowly crawling its way into existence on the prairies.

I did spot pussy willows along the ditches last week. But here, now, my very own backyard garden is showing signs of life.

The beauties just needed me to get the rake out, dust off last fall’s leaves, trim back last summer’s growth, and show a little faith.

Maybe that’s the way with more things than just the garden.

Could be that to see more of life’s everyday potential, we need to spring into action, dust off the remains of the day, and be ready and willing to look more closely to discover what’s already growing right under our feet.

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  1. Linda Clark

    and, Spring is slowly arriving on the PLAINS of Nebraska, too. We are getting some much needed rain, so my peonies and wonderful wild violets are popping up everywhere. You are so right, dust off the remains of each minute and really look at what the world is offering…Spring is WONDERFUL!

  2. Gail Willner

    We are not very far ahead of you in Kamloops, BC. We did bring out the pots (geraniums that have wintered) and our lawn set. It is a bit warmer today (about 15C). The sun is shining off and on and the wind has died off a bit. The birds are many! Spring is so beautiful all across Canada. We are very fortunate to have 4 definite seasons.

  3. Lily May

    And it’s definitely spring in Alberta, with snow daily!

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