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Sign Your Work

Artists sign their paintings. Authors’ names are featured prominently on the covers and spines of their books. If taking pride in what you create is important in the artistic world, why couldn’t it be just as important in the business world?

Felix Rules-wHere’s a message on a chalkboard that you’ll find high up on the wall in a space with a 20 foot ceiling. The board hangs over the kitchen prep area in the Saskatoon restaurant/coffee shop/wine bar/grocery that is known as Souleio Foods.

Since, apparently, Felix Rules, I had to discover his identity. It turns out that Felix is the painter who added the color to this gloriously resurrected space. I get the feeling that Felix loves what he does, cares about his work, and has no qualms letting the world know. Good for him!

How about you? Are you and your team proud of the job you do? One of the great antidotes to overload and overwhelm is to stay connected to the meaning and the purpose in the tasks.

How could you sign your work and spread the spirit of joy and excellence?

PS – Souleio is a great place to lunch. I highly recommend the gazpacho – best I’ve had anywhere in the world!

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