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Sign Language

Italy is the home to the slow food movement – a concept that encourages leisurely dining on foods raised and cultivated close to where they are prepared and served.

Apparently some businesses recognize a marketing angle when they see one.

This fast food restaurant on the island of Capri prominently displayed its support for the slow food movement right on its promo sign touting the quick and easy ‘Take Away’.

In Barcelona, we saw a funny sign with yet another marketing angle. This time the pitch was tagged to conservation. As you might guess, it stood on the sidewalk outside a wine shop.

The Europeans, by the way, in many cities we visited seem much more active on the green recycling front than we are in my home city of Saskatoon. We repeatedly saw triads of public bins – green, blue and yellow – on many street corners – ready to receive glass, plastics and paper for recycling.

No need to take things home and recycle from there. In these cities, items are discarded appropriately on the fly in bins immediately available on the streets.

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  1. Linda Epstein

    Hi Pat & Dave,

    Loved the signs…especially “Save Water, Drink Wine”. Your comments are especially relevant since my Calgary daughter is heading to Turin, Italy for “Terra Madre” which is a slow food conference (she received a grant).

    I also agree that Saskatoon is faaar behind in its recycling practices.

    Continue to enjoy your posts…Glad you are enjoying your holiday,


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