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Poci Volki

Here’s the  Poci Volki. That’s a Pocatello Volkswagon, if you need translation.

This painting/sketch was inspired by a photo of new-to-her wheels on niece, Jill’s blog:

Poci Volki-w If you’re generally in the mood for some very creative writing, you’ll find plenty on  Jill’s blog, The Noisy Plume.

She is, as she proudly notes, a young Canadian woman transplanted to America soil, where she lives and toils as a jeweler in Pocatello, Idaho.

In addition to her sterling words, you can find Jill’s handmade sterling creations on her Etsy website at:  You’ll need to be quick on the draw, though as the new shop offerings are selling out as quickly as they are posted.

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