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Pause Gem #24: Go Ahead…Celebrate Yourself!

Pause Gems-wReflection & Action:  When I bought myself a bunch of flowers recently, the florist asked if I wanted a gift card to go with them. I declined, saying they were just for me.

“All the more reason to add a card, ” she declared. “I always write myself a card when I buy myself flowers.”

When I asked what she wrote, she replied, “Well, it depends on the day. Sometimes it’s … Thanks for being you. Other times it’s … Wow! You’re smart and gorgeous, too!”

We shared a chuckle. I left with the flowers AND a card in hand.

It was a simple reminder of an important lesson. The florist is someone who knows how to fill her own wellspring of appreciation. With her own spirits freshly topped up, she’s in a much better position to share her good will with others.

Do you take yourself for granted way too often? I know I do. If we don’t show ourselves some positive attention from time to time, who will? It’s a sure bet that most of us don’t have our loving mothers following us around any more, applauding our courage, cheering at our sense of adventure, or simply delighting in our presence. This is true in our work and personal lives. And it it’s true for us, it’s true for others as well.

What would life be like if each of us extended just a bit more appreciation in our own direction just a bit more often?  What would it be like if you encouraged others to do the same?

What would you write on your card today?


Quotes Of The Week: “Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” – Veronica A. Shoffstall

“The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.” – Sonya Friedman


Pause Readers Write: Sheila F writes: I have a ‘feeling good’ list posted on my fridge especially for down days. It lists things that pick up my spirits (bubble bath, curl up with good book in front of fireplace, etc). When I notice that my spirits are low, I pick something from my list to do. It helps!

Geri B writes: At one time I was completely snowed under with work and papers due for courses. So what did I do?  I signed up to take flamenco dancing classes – two and a half hours a night! The amazing thing was that it actually made it easier to do all the things I needed to do, because I was doing something fun, creative and energetic.

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