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PAUSE – 13.24 – Are You Present to the Presents?

Reflection:  How present are you to the everyday gifts of your everyday world? That’s what I asked myself after last week’s activities. And, on reflection, I noticed that every experience brought with it something to savor.

Tuesday’s commitment – facilitating a team retreat – took me on a trek to north-east Saskatchewan – a 3 hour drive each way. I realized as I traveled, what a treat it is to cruise through the spring greening of the crops in the country. The sun in the sky, an interview with Joni Mitchell on the radio, fresh coffee at hand…it was beyond pleasant. The gift of a road trip!

The planning committee for Wednesday’s engagement (an Art of Insight presentation for the Leadership Saskatoon Alumni) went all out to make their guests feel at home. Personal greetings at the door, rose bowls replete with flowers and paint brushes on the tables, tasty nibbles, and a very inclusive welcoming atmosphere! The gift of hospitality!

On Thursday, I joined a group of close friends and colleagues for conversation and dinner. We’ve been meeting a few times a year for a decade to support each other in our lives and businesses. We problem solve, strategize, laugh, cry, and generally lift each other’s spirits. They are GEMS, every one of them. The gift of being known and appreciated warts and all!

Friday, I facilitated another team retreat. The session design was highly interactive. I learned again that when people connect deeply to each other and commit to the focus at hand, more energy is created than consumed. The gift of engagement!


Action:  Here’s this week’s challenge. Pay attention to the positive experiences that greet you as your days unfold and you go about your everyday business.

Stay present to the presents of each moment. Accept them with gratitude. Appreciate the gifts. Share them with others.


Quote Of The Week: “The master makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him, he is always doing both.”  (Lao Tzu)


Resource Of The Week: Stocking up on a bit of summer reading? Treat yourself to the dynamic duo:  Press Pause…Think Again and Press Pause…Press On. This link will take you to the details. Just click on the Duo Deal #1 for the special pricing. I look forward to keeping you company at the cottage or the beach or wherever you most like to take a break and get a grip.

PS – If, before you launch into summer, you’re organizing professional development activities for eh fall, be sure to give me a call. I’d love to help you and your organization with:  Boosting Energy, Fueling Enthusiasm and Inspiring Insight.


Readers Write: In response to last week’s message, Are Curiosity & Discovery Top of Mind, Pause reader AP writes:  Wonderful message, Pat. I now have four grandsons, ranging in age from 20 months to seven and a half years, with one more on the way. Grandpa has learned to slow down, take those long beginner’s walks, and marvel at the wonder and excitement in the children’s eyes as they explore the world. If wishes were horses! I didn’t have or didn’t take the time to enjoy those things with my own children!! My Beginner’s Mind is alive and well thanks to these grandchildren.

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