Only In Canada, Eh?

Here I was driving down a Saskatoon street on the weekend, when I happened to catch sight of this critter out of the corner of my eye. As I circled around again to confirm what I’d thought I’d seen, and then stopped to snap a photo, I wondered whether Frosty had been the work of those two down home boys from years ago – Bob & Doug McKenzie. Maybe yes or maybe no. You can decide for yourself. I do believe, though it’s entirely likely that either before, during or after the Great Snowman Caper, there was partying involved.┬áDo you think Jackie Kennedy would have approved of this ‘made in Canada’ version of her ‘Pil-Box’ hat?


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  1. Lily May

    ‘Pil-Box Hat’ indeed – you crack me up!

  2. JG

    Our neighbours’ snowman is sporting a Hawaiian shirt! Wishful thinking on his part, I think!

  3. alison

    glad to see Frosty’s wearing “earflaps”!

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