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Tagine imagesFor those of you who are fans of the travel tales, here’s a post Morocco tidbit for you. I was very taken with the flavors and foods of Morocco. My ‘personal chef’ (AKA foodie husband Dave) has been working away trying to recreate some of the North African goodies I enjoyed so much. Here’s a link to a recent posting on his Kitchen Savvy website with the inside scoop on his Pear, Apricot & Pork Tagine. Enjoy!

PS If you are a foodie yourself, Dave’s always glad to field food and cooking questions. You can submit them via the Kitchen Savvy site.

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  1. Debbie Apesland

    Pat – my neice married a Morrocan fellow last November, out in Banff. It was a small, intimate wedding, lovely!

    To the point, for favours they gave out small tins of blended spices – when you opened the tins the scent was intoxicating! We use the spices on chicken, mostly, but what a treat! If this little sample could awaken our senses, I can understand how you would love their food!

  2. Pat Katz

    What a unique idea for a wedding favor. The spices I brought home from Marrakech certainly gave my suitcase a distinctive flavor!

  3. Linda Epstein

    Sounds delicious…Although I will probably substitute lamb for the pork. I love tagine.


    BTW: Belated Happy Father’s Day, Dave.

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