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Me & The Sea

You might think it would be impossible to find a moment’s solitude on a cruise ship carrying nearly 3000 passengers. However, at 6:30 in the morning, there’s a section of the Promenade Deck at the prow of the ship that is all yours – simply for the rising.

You’ll find the mist, the odd bird passing by, and the occasional lighthouse winking ‘hola’ from the Spanish coast.

It’s unbelievably peaceful – that visit between you, the morning and the rhythm of the sea.

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  1. Linda Epstein

    How lovely…almost worth the early rising (I’m a night person).

    You sound like you are drinking in the full joy of your holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving/Sukkot.


  2. elaine

    Your photo says it all! There is nothing more soothing than the sea. I can almost smell the salt and feel the sea air on my face.

  3. Linda

    Pat and Dave, thought of you yesterday on your special birthday Dave. Will we see a photo? The photo does say it all…I can feel the peace. Keep enjoying and love to you. Linda

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