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Life Is Simpler Than We Make It

Little Guy Lux We noticed this little fella on a warm and sunny morning near the Octagonal Pond in the Jardins du Luxembourg of Paris.

His Dad, empty stroller in tow, patiently followed the toddler around and around the pond – back and forth, to and fro, come and go. It was the birds that kept the little guy busy. Each time the pigeons and sparrows swooped in to nab a leftover crumb or two, Spunky gave chase. When the ducks paddled near the water’s edge, Spunky took a run at them, too.

What a lovely lesson on the simple pleasures of life and the pure, unadulterated optimism of childhood. In Spunky’s world, the sun was shining, someone he loved was close at hand, adventure called, and he just knew that next time out success would be his.

Does life get any better than that?

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  1. Rose Brewster

    OH SO TRUE!! My grandchildren have given me MANY hours of wonder and enjoyment through their experiences. It’s through resources like this, that I’ve learned to give myself permission to enjoy those moments rather than worrying about whatever *plan* I had.

  2. Ruth Copeland

    I appreciate your “Life is Simpler” article. As a Grandma, I have learned to appreciate all of the ‘small’ things my granddaughter does experiencing the joy and luxury of patience and understanding. It is so great to slow down and enjoy each & every special moment.

  3. Linda Clark

    Delight in the wonder of the simple things. I truly hope to never become so jaded or used to the world that it no longer holds at least a part of the wonder that a child sees. Thanks for sharing, Pat.

  4. Eleanor lewis

    I have had the same experience with my grandson.
    It shows me how to ‘be a kid again’ by just stopping – stopping all the worry and just play.

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