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Euro Oddity Series – #6

What do a London teapot, a street artist, and a performance stage have in common? Not much. Each unique and slightly weird in their very own ways.

Teapot-wThis fellow seemed rather grumpy sitting as he was on the display shelf in the lobby of the Montague on The Gardens in London. Life as a teapot can be tough!

Udderbelly - Perfromance CentreThe UdderBelly upside down purple cow caught the eye of this prairie farm girl as we made our way around the circuit on the London Eye. It’s a temporary performance theatre and stage perched on the Southbank, London. Certainly is colorful!

Lizard on BikeStreet performers seem to be everywhere throughout Europe. I’m accustomed to seeing mimes and dancers, but this is the first time I’ve seen a psychadelic lizard on a bicycle. Drop a coin or two in his bucket and watch him pedal like crazy!

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