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Euro Eats

Paris Sidewalk CafeThree weeks of European restaurant eating yielded a variety of experiences – some zany, some tasty, some elegant, some comforting, some downright amazing – and the odd ‘I don’t ever want to go back there again’.

It’s not my intention to give a play by play recount of the culinary experiences. I leave that to my much more food savvy husband Dave to explore on his Kitchen Savvy web-blog. ( )

However, if you happen to be headed to France or Italy or Spain, these are a few of the places we enjoyed. More details available on request.

Paris:  Polidor, Chez Plumeau, Viaduc Cafe, La Maison du Truffe

St Remy du Provence: Grain du Sel

Florence: Trattatoria La Mossacce, Le Giostra

Castellina in Chianti:  Oesteria Il Tinello

Buonconvento: Il Pogiolo

Barcelona: Cafe de L’Acadameia

Seville: Hosteria del Laurel

By the way, you can’t go wrong with the purchase of a baguette or a strawberry tart at a bakery anywhere in Paris. And might I suggest if you’re traveling in Italy, order the ravioli. It was fabulous everywhere!

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  1. Lucy Belanger


    I too had the pleasure of traveling thru Europe this summer. I was lucky enough to take my husband and 2 children for 4 weeks. We visited 6 different cities in 3 different countries, with the most of our time being spent in Italy. Paris France, Montreaux Switzerland and Italy – Venice, Rome, St Angelo on the island of Ischia and the small town of Viscano – which is on a mountain next to MT Vesuvius and near the Almafi coast)…. the areas all beautiful, the food all fabulous, but nothing compares to the history, people and culture so different from ours that we were able to expereince. Talk about an eye opening experience .. something we will never forget, BUT the best part of it was being able to rest, relax, and enjoy it together. The trip was quite costly, but I thought to myself there wasn’t any time as good as now. What was I waiting for? Tomorrow? a larger savings in my bank account? if I waited for those two things the trip would never have transpired so we bite the bullet and took a leap …. BEST thing we could have ever done. I hope everyone has the opportunity to PAUSE from their life in any manner …. we all deserve to.

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