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Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame Induction

What a great honor for me to be inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. The announcement was made December 7, 2010, at the annual CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) Convention held in Montreal.

Katz HoF-Prsnttn-wThe Hall of Fame is a peer award for individuals who are recognized for their excellence on the platform, their longevity and success in the business, and their contributions to the speaking industry. That’s Warren Evans CSP, long time speaker colleague and friend (and HoF member himself) presenting me with the award. There are now 24 members from across the country who have been inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.

Katz-HoF-wI am the fourth female speaker, and the second speaker working from Saskatchewan to be honored as a member of the Hall. Needless to say, I am delighted by the recognition. Even more than that, I so appreciate the support I have received over more than two decades in business from this great community of generous and talented colleagues.

Congratulations to Linda Edgecombe, CSP, a friend and colleague from British Columbia, who was also inducted on the same evening.

Thanks to Dov Friedman, CAPS Convention photographer, for so graciously gifting me with these images from the awards ceremony. This link will take you to Dov’s website, where you can learn more about his wonderful photography.

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  1. Rose Brewster

    Even though I’ve never had the opportunity and pleasure of being in one of your workshops or seminars – I know it’s well deserved just from the impact you’ve had on my life through these e-newsletters.

  2. barbara rackham

    Congratulations Pat!

  3. Nola

    Congratulations Pat! Well deserved…

  4. Barbara Knoop

    Hello Pat:
    Have enjoyed your Pause messages. Thanks.

    Your award is well-deserved. Congratulations.
    Looking forward to meeting you when I am in Saskatoon.

  5. Winnie Smit

    Congratulations Pat, what an honor!

  6. Deborah Black

    Pat – you are truly a shining star.
    We are all delighted with the on-going and well-deserved recognition you are receiving for your excellent work.
    You go, girl!

  7. Jill Salamon

    Congratulations Pat. Having had the privilege of attending several of your presentations over the past few years, I heartily concur with all the comments. You are a wonderful speaker and very deserving of this honour. Woot Woot!!

  8. Sherrill Miller

    What a well deserved honor! You have the superlative ability of turning what might look like a ‘common’ issue or idea, into a thoughtful and provocative observation — that is a knack to be valued. I just watched your YES YES YES on uTube — a perfect example of a life well lived, and shared. You know who would be so proud of your receiving this award! Smiling back at you, Sherrill

  9. Linda Tarrant

    YEA!!!! Congrats. I didn’t know but I couldn’t be happier to share the stage with you. Well deserved. Talk soon. Have a wonderful holiday. Linda

  10. Pamela Johnson

    Congratulations Pat!Not only are you a great speaker and motivator, but you also look wonderful and polished in those photos!

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