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Boomers To Zoomers? Think Again!

Exploding Head-wThere has been a lot of talk about generations and generational differences in the media and in the workplace. Over the last couple of years, along with millenials and Gen X and Y, a new word has wormed its way into the generational vocabulary: Zoomer.

As I understand it, a Zoomer is sub category within the Boomer age group (Boomers being those born between the mid 1940’s and mid 1960’s). The distinction appears to be that a ‘standard’ Boomer is someone on the decline – energy and involvement waning, aspirations dwindling, over the hill and coasting. In contrast, a Zoomer is considered to be someone who is fully energized, actively pursuing new goals, engaged in learning and exploring new territory.

I’m a proud Boomer with lots of life in me and ahead of me, and I find myself irritated by the word, Zoomer. I’ve come to understand it’s the word, itself, not the concept of long-haul vitality that gives me pause.

Synonyms for zoom include: buzz, speed, streak, whizz, flash. Zoooooom is all about moving fast and making noise. Showmanship! Razzle dazzle! Superficial, short-lived, flash-in-the-pan pizzazz!

At this stage of life with the hard earned maturity and wisdom we Boomers have at our disposal, we can do a LOT better than aspire to superficial zooming. We’ve learned what really matters – and the things that truly matter do not require running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

How about significance? Now there’s something long-lasting and meaningful – something that’s well worth pursuing.

Are you with me or against me on this? How does the Zoomer label strike you?

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5 Responses to “Boomers To Zoomers? Think Again!”

  1. Ruth Goudreau

    Hi Pat,
    I totally agree with you about the word “Zoomer” and what it implies. I feel I’m a life long learner and work diligently to keep up with the last software programs but I don’t think I have to “zoom” through life at this point. Stop and smell the roses and appreciate the opportunity to learn new things and enjoy being able to speak to Gen X, Y (or Z)and understand what the heck they are talking about. 🙂
    I don’t have to now how an engine is put together in order to drive a car and I don’t have to be a computer programmer to appreciate those that make the software easy to use.
    Rah for the Boomers who are keeping up and not Zooming!

  2. les handford

    I like your question…each of us needs to answer it for ourselves! It is a PAUSE moment for us to refelct and go hhmmmm!!!!!

    To me, I do not really care…if someone wishes to label me that is OK. That is more about them than me! I can be father, husband, co-worker, coach or mentor all at the same time. I am not one but all!

    What is in a name? Is it really that important? What is the impact on me?

    In this case I belive it is more about creating a niche to market to. It is a word that has some “razzle dazzle” appeal. Manufacture a niche…use basic social marketing to create the impression(illusion) we are different..we are different.

    Focus on a group of “boomers” who “they” think want to be seen as on the move, not the classic boomers (as you point out) etc. Create a magazine that defines what this is…. suggest it is what we all want.

    Pick up the Zoomer magazine and check it out. Substance? marketing?

    Do “they” really challenge us to think about ourselves (your question)? or want to convince us we are different and that means buy this…go here…etc.

    Be a ZOOMER and be all you can be and more……..

  3. Pat Katz

    Zoomer as marketing niche and tag line – that helps make some sense of what is going on here! Maybe that’s why I don’t quite buy it! I feel like I’m being sold a bill of goods that I don’t necessarily want.

  4. Kathy Lynn

    I am so glad to see this post. All this labeling is driving me nuts. I am a person (okay ‘of a certain age’). I have friends who are more active than me and some less, so what.
    I would actually like to see us stop all the labels with the expectations and sometimes excuses that go with it.

  5. Marilyn Miller

    Hi Pat
    I totally agree with you. I like to get things done but I also like to take time to enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t have time for labels and I don’t worry about them. I’m right where I want to be at the time in my life.

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