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A Touch of Tuscany

I got up to watch the sunrise three days in a row at our country hotel in the Tuscan hills. The last day I couldn’t resist making the time to paint the place as it appeared in the warm morning sun.

And this is Podere Salicotto near Buonconvento, IT. A fabulous place of wonderful views in an unbelievable ‘top of the world setting’ graced with the superb hospitality of Silvia and Paolo.

You can see more of this fabulous place at:

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  1. Diane

    I’m so happy to be “with you” on this trip. It has been a holiday for my mind each and every day. Your painting of Podere Salicotto soothes my soul and speaks to me! It makes me want to set a goal – to go see it in real life!

  2. Linda

    Hey Pat and Dave,
    You guys look so happy…what a wonderful trip and what a great way to share it. We of course miss your energy in sunny Saskatoon; but I know they are loving it in Tuscany…with hugs,

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