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White Open Spaces – Yeah Or Nay?

“What’s this?” you might ask.

A social media posting goof up by yours truly?

An all-white painting by pop artist, Robert Rauschenberg – marked sold with the proverbial red dot?

Both good guesses – but you’d be wrong.

It’s White Space – AKA yesterday’s square on my calendar. And as you can see, it was completely empty.

What it meant is that there was no place I need to go and there was no one who was expecting me to show up. I could have declared it an all-day pajama day if I were so inclined. And, in fact, I did treat myself to an afternoon nap on a rainy afternoon!

There have been times in my life when an empty calendar prompted anxiety. No business booked? I should get a hustle on. No one to meet? I should make a few calls.

However…over the years, I’ve come to see white space as a gift – something to be savored and treasured. I feel that way about white spaces in my paintings AND white spaces in my life.

Is there any white space in your world these days?

And if there is, do you see it as a welcome relief, a reason to panic, or something in between?

I’m interested in hearing about your experience.

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