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Transitions Can Be Challenging

Transitions can be challenging.

Last week marked ten years since my parents left the farm that they had lived on all their lives to take up residence in a condo in the city.

It was a massive transition that had its pros and cons.

Mom reveled in setting up and taking care of a brand new home. She missed seeing the morning sunrise from her kitchen, the birds outside her window, the stars at night, and the privacy of being on the land.

Dad took pride in having personally wound up the business of farming and the dispersal of property without having left that for his kids to handle. He missed the sense of purpose that came with taking care of the farm and the yard and having a place and tools to putter.

For their six daughters, it comforted us to know that the move brought them closer to grandkids and great grandkids and easier access to services than they experienced on the farm. Still, we missed our trips to the farm and the sense of going home that we had known all our lives.

It takes courage to stay, and it takes courage to go. – Robert Genn

Transitions are a part of everyone’s life. Maybe you’re facing one now. What would it take to embrace what is calling you forward? How could you honor what you leave behind without letting it trap you in a way of being that no longer serves your needs?

Here’s a link to an article that I found interesting: Time To Grow. It’s focused on the evolution of an artist’s style – feeling trapped in ‘what was’ but yearning for what ‘might be’. I think the ideas are applicable to all kinds of transition points in life.

There will always be something worth holding onto. There will always be something to reach for. – Sara Genn


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2 Responses to “Transitions Can Be Challenging”

  1. Maureen Haddock

    There is food for thought in this piece and the accompanying link. In a small way, I am honouring many objects as I say goodbye to them this year. My hope is that others will find joy where I once did. My goal is not to downsize, although that might so one day. My goal is to surround myself wth objects that make me smile when I walk past them, or better yet, use them. Yes, I still shop. LOL Thanks Patricia for this thought provoking blog.

  2. Pat Katz

    My sisters and I enjoyed a Face Time visit with Mom to mark the 10 year anniversary of their moving off the farm. We each shared a few of the items from Mom and Dad’s time on the family farm that had made their way to our homes. They are treasured by us all. I’m sure many of your treasures had fond appreciative new homes as well.

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