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Summer Sketches

Two weeks of summer vacation – much of it at Waskesiu Lake in Prince Albert National Park – gave me plenty of time for a watercolor sketch or two – or ten! Here are four to share with you.

Beach Brolley Bonkers-w

Beach Brolley Bonanza

I love umbrellas at the beach – even though mine went airborn while I was working on this painting. Misfortune was narrowly averted. Rest assured no people or animals were injured in the creation of this image!

Pastel Pastiche-w

Pastel Pastiche

What to do after the morning juice, cereal and  journal?  Break out the paints and the sketchbook, of course.

Kapasiwin Beachfront-w

Kapasiwin Beachfront

Rowboat, paddleboats, kayaks, canoes, tiki huts. Tiki huts? What’s with that? I thought the boreal forest was a palm free zone!

Beach Bush Beauty-w 

Beach Bush Beauty

When you’re at the beach, you spend most of your time oriented to the sun, gazing out over the water. There’s even more to discover,  if you turn the other way.

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6 Responses to “Summer Sketches”

  1. Rose Brewster

    Thank you for sharing. You really do have a knack!

  2. Ruth Goudreau

    Great work. I especially love the Beach Umbrella Bonanza!

  3. Barbara

    What a wonderful way to spend your vacation. You consistently model your message. Bravo!

  4. Linda Sander

    Very impressive! As I’ve recently taken up the brush & pencil for sketches you have encouraged me! Looking forward to seeing & doing more! Enjoy your messages always-good for the soul!

  5. shelly mcgrath

    We have a cabin at Emma Lake and so this area is very near and dear to me as well, thank-you for sharing!

  6. alison

    what awesome sketches!!! I feel relaxed just looking at them!!

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