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Pause Gem #38 – Could It Be Your Lucky Day?

Pause Gems-wReflection & Action:  It was bright and early Sunday morning, and our then four year old grandson was on the other end of the phone – brimming with enthusiasm and bubbling over with news.

“Guess what I’m having for breakfast? Toast with jam and TWO slices of cheese. Orange and white cheese – marble cheese. Marble, that’s funny! And, Mommy made me a Smoothie, too. It is SO good. And, you know what she bought me yesterday at the grocery store? Cheese strings. THOSE are my favorite. And, I’m watching the Cat In The Hat video. And he’s bouncing on the bed. I like to do that, too. AND, I get to go swimming today! I am having a VERY Lucky Day!”

That nonstop monologue turned MY groggy morning into a very Lucky Day. How can you NOT smile in the face of that kind of exuberance?

Enthusiasm is infectious. And if you have to come down with something, enthusiasm beats other viruses, hands down!

There’s no doubt, as adults, we have serious things to deal with. Yet, there are times when I know I complicate my life more than is necessary. Maybe you do, too.

What a wonderful insight from the realm of childhood – to be reminded that is possible to light your fire with things as simple as a tasty morsel, a thoughtful gift, and an activity that is calling your name.

What would it take for you to declare today a Lucky Day? Or what might it take to turn a ‘nothing special, run of the mill, just another square on the calendar’ into a Lucky Day for someone else?

PS – Excuse me, for a moment. I feel the urge to grab a cheese string and bounce on the bed! Care to join in?


Quote Of The Week: “I am blessed with countless possibilities and get to choose from the candy jar of delight every single morning.” – Patricia Katz


Resource Of The Week: This list of ‘1000 Awesome Things’ is just plain fun. Add one to your coffee today – guaranteed a low-cal treat.


Readers Write: PB writes: Thank you for this gentle reminder. We can get so caught up with the stress of our adult life with so many problems to solve and so much work to get done that we forget to nurture the child in each one of us.

LC writes: Your Pause Moment for today definitely brought a smile to my face and I plan to pass on some ‘happy enthusiasm’ to everyone I come in contact with today. Since I work with some folks that are often not the easiest nor most light-hearted, I have my work cut out for me!


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