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PAUSE – All Good Things Come To An End

A Delicate Balance

Note To Readers: Welcome to all the new Pause Blog subscribers. If you are one of those fine folks, you will have already read this message in the January 6th Pause e-zine.

I just realized that in my excitement at announcing the end of an era, that I neglected to post that final Pause message here on my blog as I usually do. So for the rest of you regular Blog subscribers, here it is.  I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you through this blog in the days ahead.

“It’s not the time you put in, but what you put in the time.”  This observation, known as Burg’s Philosophy, was the quote I featured in the very first Pause ezine published in 2001.

Looking back, I’m amazed at how many quotes and concepts I’ve shared over the last twenty years of messages. It’s been a creative challenge to partner the nub of an idea with reflection and research to craft messages that would help us all live with greater ease, meaning and joy.

I’ve especially appreciated my interactions with you, my readers.

  • Sometimes you confirmed my thinking.
  • Sometimes you challenged it.
  • And often you pointed me in the direction of new ideas to explore. It’s been a great adventure and I’m grateful for it all.

As you may already have guessed from the tone of this message, after a run of two decades, I have decided to bring the era of the regular Pause ezine to a close.

That doesn’t mean I will stop noticing, thinking or writing. It does mean that I’m stepping away from a committed publication schedule and ezine format to embrace more freedom in form, topic, and timing.

If you’d like to continue to follow my occasional musings, I invite you to subscribe to the Pause blog on my Pat Katz website. This link will take you to the subscription form in the Blog section of my website. Subscribers are notified as new messages are published.

I know many of you have been enjoying the art I’ve shared in the ezine in recent years. If would like to keep up with happenings in my studio, I invite you to also subscribe separately to the Pauseworks Studio blog.

This link will take you to the studio website where you will find the Subscription form in the footer of each page on that site.

You can also keep up with my art by following me on Instagram (@patkatz) or friending me on Facebook (Patricia Katz).

I look forward to staying connected to many of you in one or more of these ways. Thanks again for your years of faithful Pause readership.  Here’s to a healthy and happy 2021 for all.


A Note About Programs:

Zooming From The Home Office

I continue to offer programs under the umbrellas of: Boosting Energy, Fueling Enthusiasm, Inspiring Insight and Rekindling Spirit.

I’m especially keen about the Rekindling Spirit offering which is directed at those who are experiencing feelings of career or life malaise – coasting on autopilot or just plain stuck.

Although I have been presenting virtually in recent months, I most look forward to times when we can be meeting and learning together face to face.

My web homepage will direct you to descriptions of all programs listed above.


A Note About Publications:

I need more storage space for new works of art and that means I’m squeezed on inventory space for publications. That’s good news for you.

I’m starting the new year with special ‘clear the storeroom’ offers on these publications.

Press Pause … Press OnPress Pause … Think Again Cover ImageTake a Bow Cover ImageYou can purchase any quantity of my two books (Press Pause…Press On or Press Pause…Think Again) for $5 each (normally $20).

And you can order any quantity of the Take A Bow booklets for $1 each (normally $7).  I’ll pay the tax and you pay the postage.

These publications are a great way to express your appreciation for those who have worked so hard during the pandemic of 2020 and whom you’d like to encourage in the months that lie ahead.

To take advantage of this inventory reduction offer, contact me directly with your requests (via email at and I’ll be in touch about the details.

If you need more background info on any of the publications drop in to the Pause Shop for a look see and sample excerpts.

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  1. Maureen Haddock

    Congratulations Patricia! I look forward to seeing what
    you do next. I love my Pat Katz wall in my office!

  2. Pat Katz

    Thanks for the good wishes, Maureen. So glad you are enjoying the trio of PKatz paintings. Cheers, Pat

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