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PAUSE – 16.32 – Could What You Have Really Be Enough?



My Thoughts:

My father-in-law loved a good meal. Joy spread like his grin – from ear to ear – every time he carved the first slice from the end of a fresh baked loaf of bread.

He liked his tea scalding and his soup steaming; and was known to return both to the kitchen for a reheat if they weren’t to his liking.

But what I remember most clearly is how he punctuated every meal by settling back in his chair, patting his belly, and declaring: “My sufficiency has been suffonsified!”

He always appreciated what he had received, and affirmed it to be enough.


Your Thoughts:

In our culture of more, and in this season of excess, how might we boost our sense of well-being by declaring our ‘sufficiency has been suffonsified’?

Where might the things we are, have, and do already be more than enough?


News Notes:

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  1. Patricia Katz

    I’m surprised at how many readers wrote to say that someone in their family also used this phrase (sufficiency suffonsified) or something similar. Makes me wonder about the origin.

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