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PAUSE – 16.26 – Are You Soaking Up Those Precious Moments?



My Thoughts:

A friend, and fellow artist, Sharon Bellknap recently shared the Encinatas Sunrise photo you see featured here.

The image is a stunner. Sharon tells me those colors became more and more beautiful, and then… they were gone.

That very same day, here in Saskatoon, the morning sun lit up our evergreen, bathing them in gold. By the time I returned with my camera…the magic was gone.

Moments like this are often short lived. They’re here…and then they’re gone. The real question is: Where are we?

Sharon tells me that on this particular morning she was out exercising her capacity to soak up precious moments. I love that phrase and that idea.


Your Thoughts:

How might our lives be enriched if you and I practiced our capacity to soak up more precious moments every day?


News Notes:

A Momentary Challenge

I’m inspired to build on Sharon’s experience and take it one step further. This is an invitation to send me a photo or photos of one or more of your precious moments.

I’ll collect them together and share them back with all of you in the form of a slide show/video.

You have until November 18th, to take a few fresh photos or dig out some of the best from your personal archives.

Send your contributions along to with the subject line: “Moments”.

I’m excited to shine a light on what shows up in your lives – and give you a reason to pay close attention.


Pauseworks Studio News

I soaked up quite a few precious moments on our recent vacation in Portugal and other ports of call along the northern shores of the Mediterranean.

I’ll be posting many of the sketches that I did along the way in the galleries on my fine art website.

If you’d like to stay up to date with what’s happening by way of my adventures in art, do subscribe to the Pauseworks Studio Blog.

You’ll find the subscribe option under the heading ,’Let’s Keep in Touch’, in the footer of the Pauseworks Studio Website.


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