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PAUSE – 15.37 – Me & Fred & A Date With TED

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My Thoughts: Well, truth be told, there is no Fred. It just rhymes so well, I couldn’t resist!

However, there was indeed a date with TED. On October 24th here in Saskatoon, I delivered a TEDX talk titled: Lighting A Spark – Navigating Mid Life Malaise.

My gift to you today, is the link to that message. A click of either the image or the title will take you to the video.

What’s it about? Causes of malaise, common responses, a three-step process to help you navigate your way through life’s transitional fog, and examples of others who are making their way to what comes next.

Grab a coffee. Take a look and give a listen.


Your Thoughts: I hope the ideas in the video help you think more deeply about rekindling your own spark when your fire grows dim.

I welcome your comments, reactions and insights. Fire away!


News Notes: Since delivering this 17-minute TEDX talk, I’ve expanded the message into a 60-90 minute keynote. With more time, I’m able to explore how this issue plays out in organizations, how we can support others as they attempt to rekindle their sparks, and to share more real life examples of ways that people restore excitement and engagement to their lives.

I’m also developing a follow up concurrent session that includes specific strategies and tools for exploration.

The keynote and concurrent together are the basis for a terrific half-day workshop or retreat.

This link will take you to a Program Description for Rekindling The Spark – Navigating Mid Life Malaise.

And, this link will take you to the article: Tapping Into Passion – Moving Through Mid Life Malaise.

Please share this info (the TEDX link, the program description and the article) with others. And, do keep this program in mind for professional development activities and conferences on your horizon.


Seasonal Bundle: There are still several bundles remaining in the special offer on Take A Bow (with its bonus publications and artwork). Here’s the link to the details.


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4 Responses to “PAUSE – 15.37 – Me & Fred & A Date With TED”

  1. les handford

    Pat, I reread your article “Tapping into Passion” again.

    Recently at my work place we have made some changes that have affected me. Not in a good way both emotionally as well as satisfaction (I recognize my part in it all!).

    I offer a couple of quotes from the article that sum it up:

    “…feel disengaged or saddened by the loss of passion”. I have not lost my passion! That may be my biggest challenge to re-harness it.

    “Continue to welcome the arrival of malaise as an invitation to work your way through the cycle of renewal one more time.” While I am not sure I would call where I am malaise (although I am somewhere, the process you speak about to deal with malaise has been valuable. After all, “Don’t wait for others to make changes for you.” has resonated for me.

    Bottom line for me, your process is very powerful and applies to many situations. For this I Ihank You!

  2. Pat Katz

    Thanks, Les, for your thoughtful comments on how these ideas apply to what you are experiencing. I wish you well as you explore and find your way through to what comes next for you.

  3. Ann Francis


    Thank you for the link to your TED talk. I have introduced my English students to because the speeches there are so thought-provoking. I want to do more than fill their brains with content; I want to make them think.

    With regard to mid life malaise, I was blessed to meet an amazing octogenarian, George, who served as an excellent role model for living life fully. When he was eighty he bought a Crosley Jabro and took up vintage car racing. When he was eighty-five, after several years of being a widower, he remarried a younger woman. Jean was in her seventies, and always said that George made her feel like she was sixteen again.

    Ultimately, I learned that we should not be held back by preconceived notions about the behaviors of middle-aged or senior citizens. Every year of our life should be LIVED to the fullest. Thank you for sharing this important message with others.


  4. Pat Katz

    TED talks are such an amazing way to expose ourselves and others to thought provoking messages. Good for you for sharing them with your students. And, thanks for the wonderful example of your friend living his life so fully well into his elder years. Inspiration for all of us. Appreciatively, Pat

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