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PAUSE – 15.05 – What’s Waiting For You?

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My Thoughts: This week I’m saying goodbye to the self-created expectation (and 14 year practice) of publishing a ‘full featured’ Pause message every single week.

Every second week, I’ll be alternating the traditional version with a simpler more visual message like this. Makes me wonder what’s around the corner waiting to greet me.


Your Thoughts:

What do you think about Coelho’s observation?

To what might you be ready to say goodbye? 

What might be lingering around the corner waiting for you to make more space for it in your life?


News Notes: I’ve had a couple of clients ask me recently, “Pat, with all the traveling and painting that you are doing these days, are you still speaking?”

The answer to that question is, “Most assuredly, yes!” I still love delivering messages from the platform.

One of my most impactful presentation themes these days is the concept of Hidden Value.

It’s essential, in these days of overloading and under appreciating, to refocus peoples’ attention on how important they really are.

Hidden Value delivers three themes.

  • There is value in what you do (connecting your everyday actions to deeper meanings).
  • There is value in who you are (seeing how your unique character makes a significant contribution).
  • There is value in how you are (being present and tending to your own well-being has a positive long term impact on others, too).

Hidden Value makes a lively conference keynote or an uplifting half-day seminar.

If these ideas meet a need in your organization, give me a call (877-728-5289) or drop me a line. I’d love to help.


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No Responses to “PAUSE – 15.05 – What’s Waiting For You?”

  1. Linda C.

    RETIREMENT!! With my husband’s backing, I gave my current employer a 90 day notice to allow them time to get someone hired for me to train…10 years of stored knowledge to regurgitate! I am sill nervous, but the quote from Coelho rings true for sure! I printed it and is now on my cubicle wall as well as on the every faithful Pinterest! (an electronic hoarder I am!!) Thank you Pat for the timely PAUSE!!

  2. Pat Katz

    Linda, I wish you every success with this transition to your next stage of life. I hope it brings you great joy.

  3. les handford

    I certainly agree with the Coehlo quote. After all if we do not look at what we do and stop doing some things or perhaps do them different it is always the same old thing. When we change or do something new as a replacement it will become new and exciting and make our juices flow again. The point is do not just pile it on the other things we do.

    As to the second question, I let things go at work every day. The busy things are just that and often they are not important. I use the old fable “chicken little” as a guide. How often at work is the sky falling in, and people are running around for the sake of running around and looking important and busy. I try to avoid this institutional trap every day.

  4. Pat Katz

    Les, I appreciate your comments on both points. Trying something new can do just that: make the juices flow again. And even more likely when we let something go to make room for it. I am picturing you looking skyward as a flock of Chicken Littles scurry around at your feet! It’s a great visual. Thanks for writing.

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