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PAUSE -12.11- Small First Steps Not Just For Toddlers

Reflection: It’s in a backward glance that the patterns often show up. As I think about many things that have unfolded in my life, I can usually pinpoint one action, one decision, or one choice that launched me in that direction.

Saying yes to a summer job my first year of University introduced me to a line of work that ended up changing my college major in the near term, and my career direction over the long haul.

Agreeing to a coffee with a classmate at University led me to meet and later marry the love of my life.

Writing a letter to the editor of our daily newspaper led to an invitation to write a column, which in turn launched a weekly writing habit that led to publishing my first of five books.

Asking a friend what she knew about Masters’ programs led me to discover a brand new distance learning opportunity that was perfect for my work and life situation at the time.

First steps can point us in many directions. Some lead to an uphill climb and others to a downhill slide. Much of life’s progress or regress boils down to our moment by moment choices. Whether we add another ten pounds or drop that extra 10 pounds really depends on what we choose for lunch each day.


Action: So, here’s the thing. What do you long for? Where do you hope to go? What do you hope to accomplish? And, for any of those aspirations, what might be your one first step?

Although the end result might be grandiose and seemingly far, far away, the next step is usually something small, singular and very near at hand. Place a call. Ask a question. Set a date.

You can do it. Really, you can! Whatever it is, just start small – and start soon. Here and now would be ideal!


Quote Of The Week: “A year from now you may wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb


Resource Of The Week: Michelle Cederberg, a speaker colleague of mine, is the master of the small steps principle. Check out her brand new book, Energy Now – Small Steps To An Energetic Life. Sentient Publications. 2012.


Readers Write: Last week’s meanderings about the place of advice in our lives (Pause 12.10 – Ce M’est A Vis) really struck a chord with Pause readers. Rather than try to choose just one comment for the Readers Write section, I am providing this link to a Summary of Reader Reactions. Enjoy!

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