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Flakes Or Friends?

I could see by the name on the phone display, that the caller was an old and ailing friend. We hadn’t spoken for quite some time. Given that a mutual friend of ours had just passed away, I knew the call would be a long one.

Special K

I looked longingly at the breakfast bowl of Special K with Vanilla Almond bits (my crunchy favorite). I had just flooded the flakes with milk – and experience told me I was about 5 minutes from soggy.

My thinking went like this.” I hate soggy cereal. I love my friend. There’s more cereal in the box. Friends are much more precious than corn flakes.

I picked up the phone and took the call. When the visit was over, I dumped out the bowl of soggy slush and poured a fresh one.

It was the right decision.

Life in General

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