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Exciting Announcement: Fresh New Program

If you’ve followed my Pause blog for a while, you’ll know that over the last few years, my Beginner’s Mind has been highly engaged in studying and learning about the world of art – sketching and watercolor painting, in particular.

A year ago, I turned the tables to pause and explore what painting has been teaching me about life while I’ve been learning about art. There was plenty to discover. Out of that experience, I created (and spent the last few months testing and tweaking) a new keynote presentation titled:  ‘Live & Learn: The Art of Insight’.

The images are original. The stories are unique. The lessons are timeless – and applicable to every walk of life. But what’s even more significant is how this message can inspire you and your colleagues to mine YOUR everyday experiences for learning and insight.

I’m happy today to announce that Live & Learn: The Art Of Insight is ready for prime time. You can read a more detailed description on my website.

This could be just the original, thought-provoking (and highly entertaining) message you need to add a spark to your upcoming conference, professional development program, or retreat.

Give me a call (877-728-5289) or drop me a line ( to learn more and book a date.

I’m very excited about sharing this fresh new message with you and your organization!

PS – If it’s not a fit for your group, please pass this link along to any other groups that come to mind! Many thanks and happy learning!

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