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Euro Oddity Series – #2

All through Provence in southern France you will find handcrafted santons offered for sale as art pieces and souvenirs. The word, ‘santon’ means ‘little saints’.

Originally, santons were figurines associated with the nativity scenes in a Provencal creche. Over time, the santons came to be associated with various characters typically found in most Provencal villages – the fishwife, the scissors grinder, the chestnut seller. the simpleton, the spinner, the basketmaker.

Brassette-wMany of these characters are featured in the Musee des Santons that we visited in the village of Les Baux de Provence. Our favorite characters were Grasso and Grassette (pictured here). G & G are an elderly couple who symbolize love and fidelity in spite of their old age and their daily squabbles.

Having been introduced to the concept of Grasso and Grassette, we saw them everywhere in real life on the streets. Chances are good, you’ll recognize the archetype in your part of the world, too – maybe even in your own family or circle of friends.

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4 Responses to “Euro Oddity Series – #2”

  1. Linda Epstein

    Love these.
    When my Dad retired, he became a sculptor in bronze…did many “bench people” (people interacting in ordinary ways). Whimsical, fun, and real. My favourite is the one of two men at a conference with one leaning in to look at a name tag while spilling his coffee and with his glasses on his head. That’s me (only I’m the female version).

  2. Pat Katz

    What fun image! I can see that happening – or not see as the case may be!

  3. V Borkowsky

    What a delightful series of oddities. I especially enjoyed Series 5,6 and 7. Thank you for your time and effort…just awesome!!

  4. Pat Katz

    So happy you enjoyed the series. It was fun sharing some of the bits and pieces from our trip.

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