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Climbing Back Up When You’re Feeling Down – A Talk Reel Conversation

I so enjoyed this 45 minute conversation with Stephanie Staples and Barry Green recorded in early July as part of their Talk Reel series of engaging conversations.

We covered a few topics – but most especially the subject of malaise. We shared lots of info, insights, and plenty of laughs along the way.

So, when you next have a moment to put your feet up and enjoy a cup o’ java or a glass o’ vino, I invite you to tune in Talk Reel Episode #12 for a look and a listen.

I hope you find something that helps you traverse those moments of malaise that show up from time to time in your life.


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6 Responses to “Climbing Back Up When You’re Feeling Down – A Talk Reel Conversation”

  1. Alexis Slater

    Well, that was a fun and helpful interview video – thanks for sending that link. You know, Pat, I’ve been on your mailing list for maybe 20 years (hard to believe) and I think I only emailed you a note maybe two or three times. I’m sorry not to have communicated more often (and I recognize the self-doubt and frustration that arises in one after making the effort and getting little feedback). But know that I always enjoyed everything you offered.

    I have recently started watercolour painting myself. I think a feeling of malaise may have been the impetus for that. I always believed that my mother was SO talented and creative – she sewed all my clothes as a kid, she played piano very well, she painted (the house was filled with her oils, and in later years she switched to watercolour), she did decoupage, she cooked and gardened etc. etc.

    For me – I always wondered why I’m not creative like her. But then I recently realized (takes some people a long time to realize these things) that I used to sew my own clothes, I’ve done needlepoint, knitting, rug-hooking, travelled around the world for two years on my own (can we call that being creative?), I play some piano (rusty), and I invent and modify plant-based cooking recipes for myself & my husband. Last year at the start of the pandemic I launched a community e-publication for my strata complex for people to share stories and buy/sell/trade items. Now I can add watercolour to the list. So I guess I’m not doing too badly – creative-wise. My mother was herself, and I am myself.

    Thanks for your down-to-earth clarity and inspiration.

    Best regards,
    Kelowna, BC

  2. Pat Katz

    Alexis, thank you so much for your thoughtful message. I’m glad you found something helpful in the interview, and I’m happy to hear that the varied writings and ideas over the year were meaningful for you, too.

    Welcome to the world of watercolor. I hope you enjoy playing there as much as I do. I’m part way through delivering my first virtual class series in Sketching With Ink & Watercolor. The students are so engaging and committed – consolation for the fact that it’s an incredible amount of work to put together 15 hours of online instruction !!!

    I smiled when you talked about realizing you are a creative soul. There are echoes of my own Mom in your description. She sewed clothes for six daughters, entertained and redecorated often, made many many quilts and engaged in all kinds of crafts that were a huge hit at her church bazaars. And yet, when I tell her that she is creative and she is an artist, she shrugs and demurs. Happy to see you claiming the label and enjoying defining yourself that way.

    Wishing you continuing health and happiness in the months and years ahead.

    Warmly, Pat

  3. Alexis Slater

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Pat. How can I get more information about your virtual art class series? Please email me directly, if you wouldn’t mind.

  4. Pat Katz

    Thanks for your interest in future virtual art classes, Alexis. I have emailed you directly with further information. Cheers, Pat

  5. Judy

    I’ve been on your mailing list for many years as well, but have never responded. Sorry about that! I believe there are many out there who have probably never responded, but we certainly appreciate your posts. I find myself inspired in some way every time I read your posts.

    I very much enjoyed your video, and can certainly relate to it. I’m at the age of retirement, and looking to the future. I often think of why I’m put on this earth . How can I make it a better place? What makes me happy? I will now start “exploring” my options. Thank you for giving me ideas of where to start…..

  6. Pat Katz

    Hi Judy. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my Spark video. I really appreciate hearing from you. And, I wish you all the best as you explore what comes next for you. I’m sure there are exciting adventures out there with your name on them! All the best, Pat

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