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Caribbean Good Times

P&D Grand Turk-wWell, we’re back after a 10 day get away from frosty Saskatchewan to the toasty Caribbean. Quite the shift to leave Florida at plus 27C and arrive back in Saskatoon at minus 23C.

My top five vacation experiences rank up like this:

1. Time away with my sweetheart.

2. Feeling the warm tropical air and watching the coconut palms swaying in the cool ocean breezes.

3. Snorkeling off Grand Turk where the vibrant sea life just off shore shares the drama with a sea wall that reaches down some 7000 feet. On your right sponges, coral and schools of colorful fish. On your left, nothing but the pure azure blue of the deep blue sea. Spectacular!

4. Painting beach and tropical scenes – getting to use the most beautiful blue pigments.At Sea-w

5. Sailing on a catamaran, sipping a rum and coke, bopping along to the reggae music, watching the sun paint the sky as it drops into the sea.

Ah, sweet memories! And now, back to work!

PS – For a peak at a few more paintings from the adventure, see the Colors Of The Caribbean Album on my facebook page.

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