Let It Snow…Let It Snow…Let It Snow!

Well, it’s 12 days till Christmas and here in Saskatoon (and apparently in a few other places across the country), there is no snow to be found.

If you are yearning for a White Christmas, this message might help you make that dream come true.

Here are four of the snowy winter scenes from the Blue Sky Series that I introduced in December of 2022.

Since the debut of the series, which was offered unframed, I have matted and mounted this quartette of beauties under glass in silver aluminum frames with hanging wires – completely ready to display on your wall.

The price for each 8” x 8” original watercolor with gouache – professionally mounted and framed – is $100 including taxes. Delivery in Saskatoon is provided free of charge. Shipping outside the city will be billed at cost.

If you are interested in adding these fresh snow scenes to your world – or gifting them to someone else – just send me a message and we will make that happen.

So you know which one to ask for, you’ll find an individual post of each of the paintings with their names in the comments section of this post.

Let it snow…let it snow…let it snow!

BTW – it’s a challenge to photograph paintings under glass on an angle that avoids reflections. Do rest assured that all the frames are square as can be even though they may not look so in the images here.

‘Sunday Morning’

‘Silent Night’

‘Frosty Friends’

‘The Lights Are On’

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