Think Again – Five Tough Lessons In Work-Life Balance (Energy)

When you’re striving to improve the balance in your life, sometimes changing your mindset is just as important as changing your habits. Here are five key concepts to help you change your mind and your practice.

  • Everybody has a Plimsoll Line. Overload to excess and we tilt and sink, just like freighters on the high seas. The concept of unlimited capacity is a dangerous myth.
  • It’s OK to stop. Without that rhythm of renewal, nonstop 24/7 action is a fast track to an early grave with a ton of misery along the way. Give yourself and others permission to pause.
  • You’ll never be done again. With average workplace backlogs of 50 to 200 hours of unfinished work, the chances of your ever being caught up are slim to non-existent. If you promise you’ll take a break as soon as you’re caught up, it’ll never happen.
  • Efficiency isn’t everything. There are moments when time-savoring trumps time-saving, hands down. The trick is to know what matters when and to find the courage to play the trump.
  • Badges of honor are illusory. Overtime hours, frequent flyer points, cell phone minutes, and backlogged emails are only numbers. They pale in comparison to true measures of success and satisfaction: loving relationships, meaningful work, and lifelong friends.

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