Wondering How to Keep Me Happy? (Motivation)

Dear Boss:

You might have noticed that I’m a little less enthusiastic about coming to work these days. Hmm….then again, maybe you haven’t.

I’m not the newest recruit on the block, and I’ve got years to go ‘til gold watch status, but just like Harvey, Jimmy Stewart’s six foot tall white rabbit, I’m feeling pretty darned invisible over here.

I know you’re busy. Whirlwinds circle your desk and the dust storms trail you out the door. Heck, everybody’s busy! But not everybody is oblivious. It’s not that I expect to be applauded just for showing up. But I don’t really want to be ignored, either.

So, let me give you a few hints about what you could do that would help me feel more like coming in to work every day and giving it my best shot every time.

  • Say hello. Just a nod, a wink of the eye, a quiet smile in passing. That’s all it takes for me to feel like I’m more important than the four drawer file cabinet.
  • Use my name. Of course, that means you’ve got to know my name. I don’t care what it takes — cheat sheet pictures on a bulletin board or a quick glance at my name plate. At least it shows you’re trying to build a connection.
  • Take the time to find out who I am. I have two kids you know. They’re the same age as yours. We may have more in common than you might imagine.
  • Introduce me to the brass and the visiting branch managers. I’d like to get a sense of whos in charge and start building relationships with the leadership in this organization.
  • Call on me. The next time you’re casting around for a fresh mind or spare hands on a new project, tap me on the shoulder. I’m eager to learn and a quick study to boot.
  • Include me in your conversations. I want to learn everything I can about the company and the people who work here. A lot of that information is casually traded over coffee or leaning against the wall in the hallways. Draw me in.
  • Invite me to one of your professional association meetings. Help me find a way to volunteer my talents to make a contribution to our profession.
  • Tell me where we’re going. Share your vision for where we’re headed and the roadblocks that lie ahead. I’m on the payroll, I’d like to feel like I’m behind the scenes, in on the problems and possibilities as they unfold.
  • Value my fresh eyes. I notice things and ask questions that you’ve long since taken for granted — and maybe overlooked. You can learn from me, too.
  • Brag me up to the clients. I’ll know you appreciate my work. Our clients will see how forward thinking we are in bringing along new talent, and they’ll value the depth we bring to their business.
  • Give me feedback. I value your experience, and know I have a lot to learn about this business. Take the time to find out what I’m doing and how I’m going about it. Tell me what you think about my performance.

This may be a long list, but it’s a short wish. Just pay closer attention and let me know that you know I’m more than a piece of furniture and not just one more entry on the payroll.

© Patricia Katz MCE CHRP of Optimus Consulting is a speaker, author and consultant who helps individuals and organizations restore the rhythm of renewal to work and life. To bring Patricia’s expertise to your organization, contact her at www.patkatz.com or toll free at (877) 728-5289