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The Trials Of An Im-Paus-able Day – There’s No Better Time To Be Here Now! (Energy)

Alarm clock goes off – jump out of bed – trip over pile of clothes on the floor. No time to hang them up last night. Maybe tomorrow.

Jump in shower – knob comes off in your hand – jam it back on. Have been doing this for 3 months. No time to call the plumber. Maybe tomorrow.

Pull on clothes for the day – shirt has egg stain centre front – pull on a sweater to cover it up. No time to get to the dry cleaners last week. Maybe tomorrow.

Grab a power bar to eat on way to work – reach into fridge to grab a juice box – darn cat begging for breakfast – toe cat out of way. No time to feed him now. Maybe tomorrow.

Hightail it out of the house – go to lock the door. Rats! Keys in pants pocket from yesterday lying by bed – run back to retrieve. No time to stop and kiss partner goodbye – already running late. Maybe tomorrow.

Peel out of the driveway – swing into the drive through coffee shop. Long line – honk horn – finally order your hi octane coffee special. Arrive at window – no money. No time to stop at the bank yesterday. Maybe tomorrow.

Plead mercy to clerk – you’re a regular – she concedes. Detour by drive-through window at bank to pick up cash – grab your twenties & note the receipt says you’re at the bottom of the money barrel. No time to arrange that line of credit last week. Maybe tomorrow.

Pull onto the freeway – stuck behind lane hog doing the speed limit. Honk until driver pulls into other lane – give him the finger. See it’s the minister from church – oops! Oh well, no problem, he probably doesn’t recognize you. No time to go to church for months now. Maybe tomorrow.

Head into the office – see Marcy – first day back at work since her Dad passed away – got an 8 a.m. meeting. No time to stop and offer sympathy.

Hustling out the door on the way to a lunchtime workout – urgent phone call from client asking you to track down an order. Drop gym bag – change plans. No time for a workout today. Maybe tomorrow.

Find the order, solve the problem – now 15 minutes till your next meeting. Grab a hot dog and coke from the street vendor outside. No time for a sit down meal. Maybe tomorrow.

Answer the same associate’s question for the 17th time this month. Can’t believe how slow he is to pick things up – think you ought to arrange some training. No time to do that now. Maybe tomorrow.

Last appointment of the day runs late. Check time and calendar on way out door – missed afternoon doctor’s appointment for annual physical. No time to get there now. Maybe tomorrow.

Try to catch last half of 12 year old son’s soccer game. Nobody at the soccer field – partner not answering the phone – must have wrong location. No time to figure that out now. Maybe tomorrow.

Head directly to Rotary meeting – missed the meal – check in with committee chair – explain you’ve been too busy to check out fund raising info. No time to make those calls. Maybe tomorrow.

Leave meeting. Drive through A&W and pick up burger – scarf down on way home. Ketchup dribbles down sweater – drink tips on passenger seat. No time to clean that up now. Maybe tomorrow.

Pull into driveway – kids are in bed – partner is asleep with TV blaring. It’s late – you’re tired – fall into bed – turn off TV – turn out light. No time for cuddle or conversation tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

What are the chances tomorrow will be any different than today? If stuck on react and respond – the chances are slim to none.

Balancing the nonstop press for performance with a purposeful pause for reflection and renewal is the critical first step in creating a different kind of day.

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