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Stop, Drop & Roll! – The Paus-able Cure For A World On Fire (Energy)

When I first started speaking about ‘permission to pause’ I noticed something peculiar in the response of my audiences.

Inevitably, they stopped what they were doing. They stopped fidgeting. They stopped writing. They focused on my words and the phrase itself.

Then, they dropped their shoulders – literally – from up around their ears back down to a more normal position.

And, as we continued the discussion, they rolled back into their chairs and relaxed their expressions, their muscles, and seemingly, their minds. You could see the relief on their faces.

Stop, drop and roll! It’s a smart response to a world on fire. Listeners and readers recognize this message for what it is. ‘Permission to pause’ is a thirst quenching message – a long cool drink of water on a fiery hot summer day.

Pausing is such a simple concept with such a significant impact. From the first, I was awed by the power of the message. I still am.

You see, much of what we are chasing is right here in front of us, and we are semi conscious – all but oblivious. We doze in a speed induced coma – suffering from the smoky after effects of burning rubber in the race to who knows where, for who knows what, and who knows why?

Our challenge is to build a more appreciative, paus-ative world. To do this, we need to hone our firefighting skills. You see it’s when we pause and the smoke clears and the dust settles that we begin to notice. We begin to see. And, as Yogi Berra once observed, “You can see a lot just by looking.”

In the pause:

  • We recognize – the opportunities.
  • We appreciate – the beauty.
  • We experience – the feelings.
  • We embrace – the relationships.
  • We consider – the consequences.
  • We develop – the ideas.
  • We discover – the direction.
  • We count – the blessings.

On any given day, in this fast paced world, any one of us could be on fire – burning up or burning out.

The solution is clear though the air is not. We stop. We drop. We roll.

We give ourselves and we give each other permission to pause. And then, we continue – with ease, and grace, and purposeful intent.

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