Restoring The Rhythm of Renewal – Press Pause … Press On (Energy)

Give and take. Back and forth. Wax and wane. There’s a natural rhythm to life and work.

When you are in the groove … in the flow … you move forward with confidence. When you ignore the cycle of ebb and flow, life grows tough and nothing comes easy.

Think of this rhythm as a two way switch. Press pause … press on. If you’re stuck in permanent ‘pause’, life grows stagnant and stale. If you’re stuck in permanent ‘on’ (press…push…pull), you and those around you burn out fast.

The value lives in the rhythm. Pause for perspective…press for performance.

In those moments when you pause for perspective, you

  • Recommit to your purpose
  • Refine your direction
  • Realign relationships
  • Renew your energy
  • Reap satisfaction

In those moments when you press for performance, you:

  • Focus on key tasks in a defined direction
  • Act from a clear mental agenda – not a crowded ‘to do’ list
  • Capitalize on your prime time and unique strengths
  • Leverage opportunities through synergy
  • Minimize distractions

Yes, you will find yourself stressed in your press for performance. Working hard draws down energy. Yet, making progress on tough but meaningful tasks is also an energizer. And, when you know your press is a temporary state and your pause is just around the corner, it’s easier to give it your all in performance mode.

Staying stuck in pause mode can be just as stressful. Stalling out carries its own frustrations with few of the positive effects that come with accomplishment.

The payoff lies in the rhythm. Pause for perspective…press for performance. Press pause…press on. There is no better way.

© Patricia Katz MCE CHRP of Optimus Consulting is a speaker, author and consultant who helps individuals and organizations restore the rhythm of renewal to work and life. To bring Patricia’s expertise to your organization, contact her at or toll free at (877) 728-5289.