Maximize Your Vacation Pause (Energy)

Ten tips to help you make the most of your vacation time.


  • Don’t say you’re too busy to take a vacation. You can’t afford not to take a break. Your body, your mind, and your spirit need you to make the investment in renewal. The chances of your getting ahead of the work are slim; and if you just keep slogging, you’re on a one-way road to exhaustion.
  • Don’t be a techno martyr. Just because you can get a cell phone signal doesn’t mean you have to use it. Do they really need you to check in with the office? Could ‘command withdrawal’ or delusions about being indispensable be driving your call?
  • Don’t automatically repeat last year’s vacation. Think about what you and your travel partners need most now. Plan accordingly. Are you longing to hit the road in search of adventure and excitement? Or would some laid-back peace and quiet fill the bill?
  • Don’t let your travel partner’s idea of a great vacation dictate your plans. Sure, it’s great to be open to new possibilities. But, if past experience tells you that a week-long golf excursion is at the bottom of your wish list, say so. Don’t suffer in silence.
  • Don’t schedule each day from dawn to dusk. Leave cushions of time and open spaces for the unexpected and the whimsical. Pull into that odd looking roadside curiosity. Nab an extra nap before dinner. Move as the spirit calls you.


  • Do make connection a priority. Vacations are a great time to renew relationships and build up reserves in the emotional bank account. Rediscover your sense of play. Revive lost interests. Really see and be with those who are most important in your life.
  • Do bookend your vacation with free days. If you’re setting out on the 10th, book off the 9th for last minute errands and packing. If you’re returning home on the 16th, book off the 17th for a more leisurely decompression and re-entry.
  • Do record your vacation moments. Take photos. Keep a journal or start a sketchbook. Film an end of day audio or video recap with yourself or other travel partners. Months later, you’ll enjoy reliving that crazy cab ride, that amazing dinner, and that spectacular view.
  • Do take advantage of the perspective that space and distance offer. Use some of your vacation moments to tune in to how you feel and what you think about your life. Reflect on the events of the last year – pluses and minuses, successes and disappointments. Imagine your future.
  • Do enjoy the freedom. The word vacation comes from the Latin expression, vacato – meaning to be free from duty and service. Step out of the harness! Sink into relax mode! Take it easy on yourself! Enjoy!

© Patricia Katz MCE CHRP of Optimus Consulting is a speaker, author and consultant who helps individuals and organizations restore the rhythm of renewal to work and life. To bring Patricia’s expertise to your organization, contact her at or toll free at (877) 728-5289.