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Are You Fluent In The Language Of Haste? – Calm Your Words … Calm Your Life (Energy)

How fluent are you in the language of haste and hurry? Do you ever think about what it costs us to pepper our days with high-speed words and phrases?

The Words: Frenzy. Haste. Speed. Hurry. Hustle. Sprint. Charge. Run. Fly. Faster. Zip. Stat. Zoom. ASAP. Race. Rush. Press. Push.

The Questions: What’s taking so long? Why aren’t you ready? Can’t we get that sooner? How long do we have to wait? Who tied that piano to your leg? Why are you moving so slow?

The Phrases: Let’s get going. Get a move on. Hustle it up. Burn rubber. We’re late. No time to waste. Hurry up. I’m behind. Get the pedal to the metal. It’s taking forever. Step on it. Look at the time. Tempo, tempo, tempo!

Generally speaking, we tend to attract more of what we focus on. Constantly racing the clock? Chances are good you’ll continue to feel like you’re falling behind with no time to spare.

Try shifting your vocabulary to the words and phrases like those that follow to create a more relaxed environment around you.

The Words: Pause. Ease. Grace. Breathe. Relax. Calm. Laid back. Soon. Cool. Tranquil. Still. Serene. Smooth. Simple.

The Questions: Emergency or urgency? How critical is this? What’s the actual deadline? Is it really a rush? Have we got a fire or a spark? Why don’t we think about that? When you have a moment, could you spare a hand?

The Phrases: I’m almost through. We’ve got time enough. No problem. Slow it down. No worries. Calm down. All the time in the world. Take it easy. Time for a pause. Grab a seat. Take a load off. We’ll be fine. Almost there.

Calm your language. Calm your day. Change your language. Change your life.

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